Current Books/Seeking Authors

These are the book projects we are currently developing, as well as some still needing submissions.

In Development

The Radical Housewife, by Shannon Drury


A political memoir written by the President of Minnesota National Organization of Women (NOW). A stay-at-home mom who writes with passion and intelligence about the battle over family values and motherhood, Shannon Drury's transformation from an insecure new mother into a voice for political action will leave you grinning, as well as questioning your own ideas about what motherhood in America really is.  Can a "housewife" be a "feminist"?

Scheduled for launch late Fall, 2012


Title to be announced: an anthology of writings from people who never stopped fighting, despite all the odds against them. They say the Baby-Boomers sold out after the 60's and bought BMW's and stock options. This anthology shows that's not entirely the case. Hundreds of people remained dedicated the ideals of revolution and have continued to fight. What keeps them going? How do they keep believing in the possibility of a better world when it seems no one cares?

Looking for stories from people age 50 and over who have been dedicated to a cause for at least 10 years. Current stories include an interview with a man in his 80's who has been active in the Socialist  Party since he was in his teens, fighting for the rights of workers in America. Also writings from a woman fighting to keep the library system viable as libraries are shutting down across the country, and a husband and wife team fighting big coal companies to save an entire community. 

Send a query letter explaining your story and how you believe it fits the anthology to Please, no attachments. 

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