About the Press/Submissions

Medusa's Muse is a micro, indy press located in Ukiah, California, owned and operated by Terena Scott, publisher and editor. The press focuses on non-fiction, particularly memoir, biography and anthologies, about people who's lives have been transformed through chaos and art. She is especially excited by stories focused on DIY (not home improvement DIY, but artistic, musical, political DIY... although if your life was transformed through a kitchen remodel, then by all means, submit that story).

Medusa's Muse is starting a new fiction branch of the press, publishing YA novels about kids and teens dealing with a disability (not a "best friend" or "inspiring kid in the class." The protagonist of the story must have some type of disability).

To submit to the press, send a query letter and synopsis in the body of an email to medusasubmits@gmail.com. Do not send any attachments or proposals via snail mail. They will just be returned to you unopened.

Questions and comments can be sent to Terena at medusasmuse@gmail.com.

Why Medusa's Muse?
The name "Medusa's Muse" came to me when I was working on a novel; I just liked the sound of the words together. The novel died unmourned and buried in a box in my attic, but the name Medusa's Muse haunted me. When I decided to start my own press, the name finally had a home, and it helped me decide what kinds of books I wanted to publish. I was fascinated by the ways people overcome horrendous hardship and transform their lives in powerful and creative ways. Things that should have brought them to their knees eventually became the things that gave them strength. What better muse than Medusa could the press have when publishing stories of chaotic transformations? 

Occasionally, my muse appears on this blog, encouraging me, laughing at me, and more often then not, challenging me to write/edit/publish/teach better. She's a sadistic little bitch, but she seems to love me. Why else would she stick around so long?