Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year, New Way to get Organized!

Every Jan. 2nd, I spend time in an office supply store examining day-planners, filing systems, dry-erase boards, and colored post-it notes, thinking this will be the year I finally get my life organized! If I only had the right tool, everything would fall into place. Now, more than ever, I need to organize all the pieces of my life into a nice, easy to use, system, because writing things down on a note-pad which always disappears as soon as I set it on my desk just isn't working.

This year, I think I've found the best system for keeping Medusa's Muse Press organized. I bought a poster board, a black marker, and a large box of multi-colored post-its. Then I went home and created this,

I've created 5 columns: Editing, Design, Marketing/PR, Business, and Internet/Technology. Each book is color coded. Green is the Punk book, Pink is Laura's book. And then Yellow is business stuff; things I have to do to run the press. I can watch each book move through it's different phases of development. Right now, Punk is in the editing and design phase, plus there are some marketing/pr duties I need to start now. Laura is all marketing with a few business, and one technological step, namely, the Audio book which is in constant tech-trouble hell.

I got the idea from a professional organizer. Once I re-find her article, I'll post the link. Speaking of technology, Rick just told me Microsoft has a program which does something similar and you can save it to a web-site. But I really like the poster board near my desk because I can see how things are flowing through Medusa's Muse Press without having to turn on my computer. It's comforting in a way. Look, there's the Punk book just beginning its journey, and there's Traveling Blind, sailing through the Marketing process. How lovely.

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Jane said...

I love this! I bought coloured Post-Its at CVS (the closest the East Coast comes to Longs Drugs) yesterday and am going to adapt your excellent system to my needs and quirks of character.