Sunday, February 13, 2011

Only one more month til I'm done with school!

My muse finally stopped nagging me about writing and has allowed me the time to focus on school and my last two exams. 

"You've got until April 1st, then you're doing Script Frenzy. No arguments." And with that, my muse pushed her aviator sunglasses over her eyes and disappeared to Thailand, where she's decided to study curry making. 

Without her constant moaning about the demise of my creativity, I've poured all my energy into finishing my internship (all done!) and studying for my last two exams (certification exam on Feb. 22nd and master's exam on March 18). Then I'm done with school. 

Of course, I haven't completely stopped thinking of Medusa's Muse. I've decided what my next publishing project should be and dreamed up ideas for marketing the books I've already published. I even got an idea for a whole new division of books. Not much longer and I'll be finished with school, then I can get back to writing and publishing. 

I cannot wait!