Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Snowing!

I woke up this morning before the dawn, let the dog outside to pee, and saw the deck covered in snow. This is an exciting event in Ukiah, elevation 650. We get snow maybe once a year, and it will only last the morning. The dog ran back inside, looking cold and puzzled by the "not-rain." My daughter was getting up, so I ran into her room, grabbed her hand and led her to the doorway. She grinned and giggled. "It's snowing!"

Now at 9:00 am, it is still snowing and actually starting to stick to the street. I took a bunch of photos and tomorrow my daughter and Laura will use them to make a snow page in my daughter's scrap-book. My daughter keeps looking out the window and announces every few minutes, "Mom! It's still snowing!"

I know if you live in Montana or Michigan or Massachusetts, an inch of snow in one day is a nice day. But in this part of Northern California, where the temperature rarely dips below 20 F, snow is a major event with road and school closures. It's a winter treat and it cheered up a little girl whose been sick with a bad cold for almost a week and one sleep deprived mother too bleary eyed to do much more than watch the snow fall.

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Kevin said...

That description of you and your daughter made me smile. It's true that normally an inch of snow here in Michigan isn't a big deal, but it is actually raining here and the snow is melting. Kind of ironic, really. hehe

Good post. :)