Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Don't give anything to your Muse for Christmas

In answer to "What do you give your Muse for Christmas?," I received this from Jacob Russell of Barking Dog, a blog about writing and books.

Like your dog… never give anything, without demanding some sign of submission first.

Who’s the Alpha?

The Muse(s) is(are) NOT YOUR FRIEND(s).If you don’t get that, you’ve lost it.
It’s all about, who’s gonna be in charge. You show them you’re gonna be their patsy… too bad for you. The Muses want ENGAGEMENT, not surrender.

Of course, you can never be the Boss, absolutely… but to keep the tension, like Jacob wrestling with the Malach...no other way to get their blessing.

Trust them, the way you trust Death. Death will win. You don’t have to make concessions. You can fight with all your heart and all your soul and all your strength… and death will still win. That is, will not be defeated. But if you give in… then Death wins. If you give in to the Muses--you lose. The only “victory” is together. That means resisting them with all your mind and all your heart and all your might.

Trust them. Trust them, like Death, that they are stronger than you.
Do that, and they’ll find a way to bless your work.

(What I get from Blake--the muse as a challenging Nemesis, to be transformed, not meekly followed and obeyed)

by Jacob Russell

My Muse reads this silently. "Hmmm..." She stands and taps my laptop. "Interesting idea. Although I think you'd better keep giving me chocolate." Looking at me, she gives me one of her slow, rapacious smiles, the snakes mimicking her gaze. "Okay?"

I nod.

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JacobR said...

... and you didn't say, "what do I get in return?"

Good to see someone listing Wuthering Heights as a favorite... Emily was clearly on better terms with her Muses than her siblings. Her poetry is much underrated, as well.

I mean, by "better terms," that she was no submissive patsy. She made them pay their dues... as they did her.

Risky business. Don't fool yourself. Chocolate bribes will only make them bold. They don't WANT to give you their blessings. You have to show yourself worthy.

To prove yourself.

Every second rate politician knows how to throw the barking dogs a bribe.

...playful language, but serious business here. As I get the sense... from the stuff listed in your favorites... you know well enough.