Monday, May 03, 2010

Punk Rock Saved My Ass is launched...

...and it only took three years to complete. Not bad for an anthology.

You can order a copy through or if you prefer not to shop on Amazon, do what I do and order a copy through your local, independent book store. The book is available from Ingram, the largest wholesaler of books in the USA.

And all you folks in the UK Canada and the EU, you too can order a copy through your local bookstore.

Once Powell's books carries it, I'll post a link here, and on the Facebook fan page.

As usual, I didn't plan book launch very well. Launching a new book during the last two weeks of school is crazy. No time to plan, prepare, send out press releases, set up interviews or even coordinate with Gilman Street. I'm studying for exams, finishing projects, writing papers and reading mountains of material before the last day of school on May 15th. When the book officially launched on Fri, April 30th, I was in class. Oh well. Things rarely go smoothly when you DIY publish.

Regardless of whether or not I'm too busy to celebrate, I feel accomplished and relieved, excited and scared, all at once. Will people like the book? Hate it? Will I sell enough to pay the printer, let alone all the other costs associated with selling books? What will the writers say when they get their copies? Will it meet their expectations? And what if we do sell thousands of copies? How will I manage success?

Time will tell. But today, I need to finish reading two more chapters and study O and M skills. Plus my daughter is complaining that it's too hot and she needs a drink and she doesn't want to run errands after school, even if there's ice cream at the end of the trip.

Just another day at Medusa's Muse.

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