Thursday, May 13, 2010

Powell's Books now carries Punk Rock Saved My Ass

Once again, the idea that Powell's books, the greatest book store on the planet, is carrying my book makes me very happy. Never mind that the website doesn't have a cover image or that one of the authors is missing (Jane Mackay is co-editor), I still love the fact that Powell's knows about my book.

doing happy dance

My classes end on Saturday, then I will be able to focus on spreading the word about Punk Rock Saved My Ass, a book I am very proud of. It turned out so good! The writing is great, the images beautiful and provoking, the design and feel of the book excellent... everything to make this publisher ecstatic. If I never publish another book I will die knowing I created something this good. 

Of course I'll publish another book; I already have a few ideas floating around in my imagination and I'm just trying to decide which one to pursue next. But don't tell Rick.

Oh, and I guess I should finish school first.

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