Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blog Post 299

My Muse is grinning. "Do you know that you've almost reached 300 posts on your blog?"

"Really?" I look at my list of posts on Blogger and see the total is up to 298. "Wow. How did that happen?"

"Well done. You should be proud."

I shrug. "It's only a blog. It's not like I sold 298 books, or wrote 298 stories."

"Just a blog?" My muse crosses her arms. "It's more than just a blog. And what is wrong with writing a blog? It's still writing, you know."

"Yes, I know, but..."

"No buts. Are you writing?"


"Do people read your writing?"

"Yes. Although not as many as I had hoped."

"But do you have readers?"


"And how often do you update your blog?"

"I try for every two or three days."

"Then not only are you writing work that people are reading, but you write on a regular basis. I'm proud of you."

I look at my blog which is open on my screen. "I hadn't thought of it that way. I mean, I started this blog to promote my writing and then my press. It's a marketing tool. I didn't think how it's a form of writing all on it's own."

"You should add blogger to your moniker, right between publisher and playwright."

I smile. "I have two blogs, you know."

"Of course I know. I helped you start them both." My muse leans against my desk and studies my blog page. "What are you going to do to celebrate 300 posts?"

"I don't know. I didn't even realize I'd almost reached 300."

"You should have a virtual party. Invite everyone to stop by and write me a note."


My muse smiles. "Of course me. Who do you think got you to 300 posts?"

What do you think, everyone? How should I celebrate 300 posts?


Anonymous said...

I'm sending a congratulatory comment in advance to you reaching 300 posts. It's an achievement as far as I'm concerned; people read your posts and that's the important bit. What's so great about blogging to me is the fact that you just need to write what you like (within reason of course) then hit that publish button and hey presto, you've sold your work. Satisfying, isn't it.

CJ xx

terena said...

thank you, Crystal Jigsaw. I do indeed love the fact that my writing is actually read by at least two people. ;-)

Jane Mackay said...

And I'm one of them!

I say we throw a blow-out party tonight. ;-)

Corrie Howe said...

I would celebrate. Not a small accomplishment!

Sorry it has taken me awhile to be back, I've been preparing for a retreat, been on retreat and now trying to catch up from being on retreat. :-)

Jim B. said...

Always knew you'd do great things! Do you still like chocolate and wine?