Saturday, July 25, 2009

Writing the Punk Rock Introduction

At last, the punk book is DONE. Well... mostly.

I know I already said the book was done, but what I meant is that the writers are done. And my editing is done. Now the designer has to lay out everything and add some awesome photos.

But first, I have to write the intro.

Yep, I got everyone's parts completed but neglected to finish (as in start) my own.

And now I'm looking at this lap stop screen with a completely blank brain.

I need to write my own punk rock story and explain how that inspired Punk Rock Saved My Ass.

So let's see...Well... Once upon a time there was a hippi girl who met a punk boy and she fell in love with his music. Even though the relationship didn't last, her love of punk did... and that's why she put this book together... the end.

Yeah. That could work. Too short to suck is always a good thing.

I'm thinking I need to flush it out a bit more, though.


If you need me, I'll be trying to explain how this Hippi Chick from Northern California came to love Punk Rock music. Is there such a thing as a Hippi-Punk?


alpharat said...

I think you could make an argument for hippi-punk, but I think it usually goes in the other direction, i.e. a punk who mellows out later, still loves punk rock, but also really likes riding his bike and growing organic tomatoes in his back yard.

But if anyone ever calls me that, I'd still bust their chops. :)

CC said...

ha! sounds interesting already....