Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who is Medusa's Muse?

That question has been haunting me lately. Who is Medusa's Muse? What do the words, Medusa's Muse mean? And what do I want to do with my press, and this blog?

Since I started grad school in September last year, the majority of my energy has gone into intellectual, analytical, systematic thinking. School requires this kind of work. At the same time I was writing a factual, how-to hand-book on starting a publishing company (What You Need to Know to Be a Pro: The Business Start-Up Guide for Publishers, by Terena Scott). Between homework, managing my press, finishing a non-fiction book, and taking care of my daughter's needs, I had almost no time for creative thought. The biggest creative outlet I had in the past 12 months has been The Sims (Yes, it is a creative outlet. Just ask my Sims family). But playing the Sims isn't writing.

My brain is weary from all that linear thinking. I need some creative, imaginative expression.

I'm looking for more balance in my life which has me questioning my choices. School is important so I won't give that up, and Medusa's Muse is my passion. Eventually I'll be finished with school which means I'll be working while also raising my child. How will I have time to keep Medusa's Muse going?

That's why I'm asking: Who is Medusa's Muse? What kind of books do I want to publish? What kind of writers do I want to work with? And is Medusa's Muse only about books and writing? What more can I do to keep my wild, creatively fueled mind thriving?

It also feels like this blog needs to change. But in what way? I'd like to expand the focus on ways to feed all of our muses so that we are creatively alive. Of course I will continue sharing information about running a book press and news on the industry, because it is just as important to know how to manage your inventory and market your books as it is to be artistic. A thriving artist needs to be practical as well as imaginative. You have to work hard so you can pay the electric bill. It's impossible to use your lap top when the battery is dead. But don't work so hard your creative muscles atrophy. Great artists need inspiration and imagination, as well as food and shelter.

My Muse is smiling at me right now because I finally have the answer. Who is Medusa's Muse? She is the Muse of practical imagination.

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