Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Small Press Month!

Not only is it Women's History Month, it is also Small Press Month, that lovely time of year when we turn our gaze from the behemoth that is Random House and instead remember the little presses and independent publishers. The micro-presses, university presses, self-publishers, graphic novelists, and mid-sized independents who create works of art that rival anything Random House or Hatchett creates, but aren't as well known because they lack the marketing power of the big publishers.

In honor of Small Press Month, I am launching my own book, called What You Need to Know to Be a Pro: The Business Start-Up Guide for Publishers, officially debuting March 19th. If you'd like to join the renaissance of independent publishing, then grab my 136 page handbook to help you set up your business RIGHT from the first day. Email me to reserve your copy and be the first on the block to know how to create an independent, book publishing company. Then get a copy of Dan Poynter's book, The Self Publishing Manual. With those two books, you'll be on your way to successful publishing.

And take a look at the list of small presses located on the right hand side of my blog to discover some great independent presses and new authors.

Remember, great stories aren't owned by Random House; great stories are owned by us all, and smaller independents have some amazing stories to tell.


J.L. Powers said...

Congratulations on this next book, Terena!!!

Jane Mackay said...

Happy Small Press Month!

Here's to celebrating next year's, too. :-)