Thursday, May 22, 2008

Book Locker is suing Amazon

This was in the Seattle Times:

Maine publisher sues
BANGOR, Maine —
The operator of a print-on-demand publishing business is suing online giant over its decision to limit business to only one on-demand publisher.

Angela Hoy contends in U.S. District Court that Amazon's decision to exclusively use one on-demand publisher runs afoul of antitrust law.

About half of her Bangor-based's sales are through Amazon and there are about 4,300 potential print-on-demand class members, she said. The lawsuit seeks class-action status, an injunction preventing Amazon from implementing the new policy and monetary damages.

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There has been a great deal of talk in the industry about whether or not a class action lawsuit against would surface. After the Washington State Attorney General declined to investigate allegations of an Amazon Monopoly, publishers were watching to see who would make the first legal move against Amazon. Book Locker has taken the first step.

My Muse is pleased. "Really, all your investigating into the costs of using Amazon and your conclusion that it isn't cost prohibitive is annoying! It sounds like your planning to just give in!"

"I'm not planning to give in. I'm simply learning everything I can now so that if the time comes for me to make a decision about Amazon, I can make the best one."

"What's to decide? Why would you even consider working with those Amazon pirates?"

"Remember when we talked about the legal ramifications of using Laura's student's real names in her book?"


"And I explained that I'm not giving in to legal intimidation, I'm simply learning the rules of publishing and doing what I can to protect Medusa's Muse and my authors?"

"Yes. I remember."

"The same principle applies here. If I need to work with Amazon to help my authors, then I will. The most important thing is the books we create, not my own feelings."

She looks at me with one raised eyebrow and taps a finger against her chin. "Makes sense." Then she moves so close to me I can feel the breath of her snakes on my cheek. "But do you remember what I said?"

"If you thought I was giving in due to fear you'd leave me."

She smiles and narrows her eyes. "I'm just making sure you remember."

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Anonymous said...

Great news.
Put Amazon in its place.

Terry Finley