Friday, March 14, 2008

Script Frenzy

My Muse was reading the posts on Blood and Ink when she saw this about Script Frenzy. "Terena," she yelled across the room. "I've found something for you!"

"Something else? You've found something more to fill my to-do lists?"

"Oh, hush. Look." She pointed to the computer screen where the website for Script Frenzy appeared. "It's a challenge. Write a 100 page script in one month, like that Write-a-Novel in a month challenge you wouldn't do."

"I'm really busy. I have zero time to write anything."

"Then make time." She stood and placed her fists on her hips. "You're not just a book peddler, you are a writer. You're forgetting that. And this is the perfect opportunity to write one of those scripts you have in your head that I've seen you jotting notes for."

I sighed. "I have Laura's book to promote, another book to edit and design, the Punk book to pull together, plus school. I don't have time to write."

Her eyes narrowed. "The last time you said that you almost lost me. Don't make that mistake again."

I remembered when I'd had to get a "real job" and stopped writing, and then the day I found her in the back yard, her skin baked black from lying in the sun for 2 months, the lawn littered with empty bottles of red wine. "You're right," I said. "This is getting ridiculous. I need to write the play and if a challenge like this will get me started, so be it." I sat at the computer. "When does it start?"

"April 1st."

"Great. The same day the new writer's manuscript is due."

"Terena, this is a challenge, not a test. If you can't get it done in one month, you can always finish it later. This is simply an opportunity to start."

A 100 page play in one month? I can do that.

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janemac said...

Listen to your muse. She might be irascible, but she's the voice you need to hear. ;-)