Monday, March 17, 2008

At last, the three Medusa's Muses were all together.

Jane, punctuation wonder girl and Medusa's Muse lead editor, is on leave from graduate school for a few months. To escape the ice encrusted Boston winter that refuses to end, she loaded up her little car and drove across the US via route 66, arriving just in time for Spring, and to join Laura Fogg and I at the Association of University Women's brunch. The event was at the North State Cafe in Ukiah, and the food was delicious, complete with chocolate covered strawberries.

Our presentation focused on the creation of Medusa's Muse and development of Laura's book, "Traveling Blind; Life Lessons from Unlikely Teachers." Laura also read from the prelude and the chapter about my daughter. Afterwards, Laura answered questions before she had to leave early to begin her journey to Washington State for the gallery opening of an exhibit of her quilts. I finished our presentation by answering questions about the press and Medusa's two, new books, coming in Fall 08 and Spring 09. Overall it was a mellow, fun, stress-free event with good food and a great, interactive audience. We also sold quite a few books.

Jane stayed at my house that evening and we shared a bottle of champagne, given to me by my dear friend Jody Gehrman back in November to celebrate the launch of Laura's book. I've been holding on to it for a special occasion and having Jane and Rick, the two people who helped me start my press, together for the first time since the book launched, was perfect. We popped the champagne and raised our glasses to each other while I said a toast.

"To us. And thank you. I couldn't have pulled this off without you."

That champagne was the best I've ever had. Perrier Jouet Grand Brute from France; crisp, light, with a hint of spicy vanilla, and perfectly formed, tiny bubbles which vanished as soon as touched my tongue. None of that soda pop feel from the cheap champagne I usually grab. Dang, Jody, you know your champagne! The three of us laughed and chatted and dreamed about Medusa while sharing chocolate and cookies with our champagne.

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janemac said...

Love this post. ;-)

The champagne *was* wonderful, thank you, Jody. (It was no-headache champagne!)

Even more wonderful was sharing it as Medusa's Muse, together for the first time since the launch of our first book.