Saturday, May 07, 2011

From Punk Rock to Duran Duran

A few weeks ago, Jane Mackay, my dear friend and Medusa's Muse copy editor, submitted a proposal for a new book project. The proposal was perfect, and could be an example to everyone on the right way to submit a book for consideration. She reminded me that as the publisher, I could say no, but after reading her proposal and understanding how passionate she is about the project, I had to ask myself if this was something I too could get excited about.

Which is how this non-Duranni is now publishing an anthology of stories from people who's lives were saved by listening to Duran Duran.

Duran Duran? Yep, that Duran Duran, the 1980's New Wave mega band. Sorry to disappoint Durannies out there, but I was never a fan. I liked some of their songs (The Chauffeur still makes me stop whatever I'm doing to listen), but I was more into The Police, preferring drums to synthesizers. So why would this Goth/Hippi-Punk consider publishing a book about them?

Because Duran Duran affected millions of people in the same way that Punk Rock did for others.

There is a huge community of people, mostly women (but not all), who survived trauma and tragedy by listening to the music of Duran Duran, and they remain just as passionate today as they did when they were teen-agers. That passion needs to be honored. They have stories to tell, stories of triumph and survival, which need to be heard. Music sustains and feeds the soul, and Duran Duran has managed to do so for 30 years (they're still playing today and just put out a new album).

We may lose some "cred" in the punk community for publishing a book about a super-popular New Wave band, but I don't give a rat's ass. Medusa's Muse is open to all view points and genres, as long as the story is strong and the writer passionate (although I may have to draw the line at Country. Sorry, I really hate that music).

If you are a Duranie (am I even spelling it right?) with a story about the way Duran Duran helped you survive when you were growing up, go to Jane Mackay's "Friends of Mine" Facebook Page for more information on submissions and focus.

I'd better start listening to more Duran Duran. 

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