Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Now that I'm done with school, what shall I do? Script Frenzy!

After slogging through almost three years of grad school I can now say... I'm done!

Or so I think. I've finished my internship, all of my classes, my certification exam and last friday, my Master's exam (click the link to check out my other blog and read about finishing school). I won't know for certain if I passed until mid-April, but I feel confident I did. When I got home after the exam I packed away every book, note and test-prep material in my room and shoved it all in the attic; I don't want to look at it for at least two months, after which I'll probably have to start looking for work.

But today, I don't want to think about anything but publishing and writing. The Anarchist Book Fair is fast approaching and my hubby and I will be there, selling copies of Punk Rock Saved My Ass and networking with other indy publishers and anarchist writers. We treat these book fairs like a vacation, so I reserved a hotel room and got a coupon for a good restaurant. Some married people like to go on cruises, we like to sit in drafty halls selling books and chatting with other freaky publishers.

And to honor my promise to my muse (who would never let me forget it anyway), I signed up for Script Frenzy, starting April 1st. I will attempt to write a full length, 100 page play in only one month. The last time I did this event was three years ago when I managed to write a 120 page play (if took another three years to revise and make it any good). The challenge gets the creative juices pumping, and I need a push to drag my brain out of Orientation and Mobility and back into writing. I am terribly ill-prepared, though. I sort of have an idea, a general collection of vague characters, a conflict to propel the action, and a script writing program I sort of know how to use. Probably won't "win" this year (winning means writing the whole play in the allotted time), but it will give me a good start.

Speaking of plays, I need to get my first play produced. Who would like to stage a comedic farce about a con-man/guru at a hippi spiritual retreat haunted by a love sick poltergeist? 


J.L. Powers said...

Terena, I'm going to be there with a booth on Sunday! Yay! We'll have to chat....Jessica

Terena said...

looking forward to it, J.L.