Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happy Third Birthday, Medusa's Muse

I've been so busy lately I forgot Medusa's Muse birthday! Three years old on October 1st, which is the date the press became a real, legitimate, tax paying business. Prior to that was two years of planning, which I think of as gestation. The first book published by Medusa's Muse launched in November, 2007 and was called Traveling Blind: Life Lessons from Unlikely Teachers. Then came the handbook, What You Need to Know to Be a Pro, and the latest book, Punk Rock Saved My Ass. Wow, three books in three years! How on Earth did I manage to pull that off?

Happy Birthday, Medusa's Muse. Many thanks to Jane and Rick for helping to make this crazy dream of mine come true, and thank you to all my friends who support the press and cheer me on.

And of course, thank you to my muse. Without her, I'd never have found the inspiration. This is how it began...


Rick said...

and you thought we could publish 3 books a YEAR! silly rabbit!

Kantiki Jayamana Whateva said...

Happy Birthday! Love the video... I get a bit of a Monty Python animation feeling from it (but my mind goes to Python a lot of the time anyway).