Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jennifer Blowdryer and Matthue Roth reading from Punk Anthology

Live anywhere near New York City? Then head over to Book Thug Nation for a reading with Punk Rock Saved My Ass writers Jennifer Blowdryer, Matthue Roth, and others. Here's the link to Jennifer's blog for more info:

Reading with Jennifer Blowdryer

8pm – 10pm
Book Thug Nation
100 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg between Berry and White.  Close to Bedford.

There will also be a San Francisco reading at Dog Eared Books on October 14th at Dog Eared Books with Jennifer Blowdryer and Jane Mackay. 8:00 PM. I'll post more info soon.

Plus, Rick (book designer and punk writer) and I will be at the Alternative Press Expo on October 16th and 17th in San Francisco. More info upcoming.

Lots happening at Medusa, and I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to have such a supportive and talented team working with me, especially now that I'm up to my eyeballs with my internship. Working long hours and raising a child doesn't leave much room for writing or publishing, but Jane and Rick and my wonderful writers keep Medusa alive and on track.

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