Monday, March 29, 2010

Anthology update and the newest Punk Interview

Sorry for the lapse of interviews and news. This semester is even more intense than the last (did you know I'm in grad school?). But progress has been made on the anthology and we are very close to launch date. Jane, our uber-talented Medusa copy-editor just finished her final proof-read of the galley. A big thank you to Jane for once again dedicating so much time and talent to Medusa's Muse. I'll know the exact book launch date once I conference with the designer, so stay tuned for future book launch announcements.

 (image from the Heavy Load website)

And now, the next interview in our series, this time with anthology writer Paul Richards of the UK band, Heavy Load. From the Heavy Load website: "... Brighton's answer to The Ramones. A punk outfit subject to the combustible flux of ego, ambition, fantasy, expectation and desire that fuels any emerging band. But they’re also uniquely made up of musicians with and without learning disabilities. Over the last 10 years they have managed to survive through their combination of raucous energy, attitude and sheer volume but now they are about to hit the big time with a feature length documentary Heavy Load, being made about their journey from social care to stardom, and back again, and their mission to demonstrate that disability rocks. There are few genres left in music that have yet to be defined. Heavyload have unwittingly created a brand new one."

Paul Richards has worked for fourteen years for Southdown Housing Association, a not-for-profit organization providing housing and support to vulnerable adults in the County of Sussex, England. He is an obsessive music collector who plays guitar, piano and trumpet. Paul lives with his wife and four children in Brighton on the south coast of England.

How do you personally define punk? 
I see it about saying what you want and how you want. A spontaneous outpouring of expression that by it's nature will sometimes offend. It's about expressing how you see life and how you experience the world around you.

What is NOT punk?
Greenday, and supermodels wearing sequined Sex Pistols t-shirts.
What punk song/band changed your life, and how?
Career Opportunities - The Clash. The bass player in my first band was a massive Clash fan and this was the first song we learnt to play. I was sold from that moment.

What has punk taught you about yourself and your life?

Being in a punk band has reminded me of the joy of playing in a band, and that it's possible to record an album in an afternoon.

What surprised you about the punk scene?
Punk is still alive and kicking - and there's a growing underground of 'disabled' punk bands making incredible music.

If a person is interested in learning more about punk/DIY, what would you suggest they do?

Learn 3 chords (2 will do though), write some songs - quickly - and get gigging. Don't think DO! 


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