Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Interview with punk writer and anthology contributor, Jennifer Blowdryer

The third interview in our punk anthology series is with Jennifer Blowdryer, a San Francisco punk, musician, playwright and performer. Check out her website and be sure to read her bio, which is entertaining all on it's own.
How do you personally define punk?  
Johnny Rotten. He was a breath of fresh foul air in 1979 and is still going strong.
What is NOT punk?
Girls saying that something is "So punk rock!" they make me hurl.
 What punk song/band changed your life, and how?
When I heard the first singles from Devo and The Ramones I asked somebody how to play those songs. It turned out they were just 3 major chords, which was a relief, but I was not a super talented musician it turned out. Still, I loved Mongoloid, God Save the Queen, Gabba Gabba Hey. The are fun on vinyl and came with a picture from far away.
What has punk taught you about yourself and your life?
It helped me SCREAM and not need to be liked by jokers.
 What surprised you about the punk scene?
Everybody in San Francisco was older and they displayed a variety of end stage addiction that I found confusing but stunning.
 If a person is interested in learning more about punk/DIY, what would you suggest they do?
Buy a guitar. Buy some thick mascara. Kick a can.

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