Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back of book info, revision number 178

Okay everyone, tell me what you think about this version for the Punk Anthology. It's still rough, so I know I need to polish it more, and I know my copy-editor will have a few words to say about it, but do you think this is closer to the type of copy that speaks to our target reader as well as compelling enough to make you want to buy a copy?

Punk is the only music genre I know that consistently opens its mouth about taboo social and economic subjects in our society. Nothing is more honest or relevant to me than that." - Mic Schenk

"Everything that makes my life better is an offshoot or direct result of my having gotten into punk music." – Chestnut

"That was one of my lessons; you don't have to fly your colors to be a punk or have a punk attitude." - Dick Wizmore

Here are the true stories from people whose lives were transformed and empowered by the frenetic, questioning, creative energy of punk rock; stories and poems written by punks from the USA and Europe, who share their own unique vision on what it means to be punk. Written by musicians, teachers, artists, librarians, nurses, bakers, parents, and social workers, the stories are funny, sometimes tragic, and always surprising.

Punk Rock Saved My Ass explores the strength of the punk movement to positively impact an individual’s life by providing a community to those who feel lost, and by inspiring them to push the boundaries of their own creativity. You may never hear a punk rock song the same way after reading Punk Rock Saved My Ass.

Your comments are much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Does it sound right to you? It reads fine to me but I'm not an experienced writer so don't really have the right to comment. But if you think it sounds right then that's the main thing. It certainly tells the reader why they should read the book.

CJ xx

E. R. Enriquez said...

I like, I like.

Rick said...
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Rick said...

me too. its "to short to suck" i like it.