Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Mad Dash to the Finish Line

Rick finished all the drawings for What You Need to Know to Be a Pro and they look wonderful. Now he's "floating the text" in InDesign, laying out each page of the book. It can be tricky to design the text on the page when some of the pages have images. Also, each chapter has a quote from a publishing expert, so he and I are discussing how best to present those sections. In a box? Italics? Indent? Larger print, or smaller? Rick is certain he can have both the interior and cover designed this week. I'm sure he can, but I'm not looking forward to the late nights and stress. But late nights and stress are part of the process in the last weeks before you send the book to the printer.

Between working hard to get the book finished, setting up events for book launch and Small Press Month (more on that later) and Grad school starting again, I've had to cut back on blogging. I'll do my best to keep you updated on Publishing News (especially any new information on the lead law and the Amazon lawsuit) as well as on the production of What You Need to Know to Be a Pro, but my posts may be sporadic for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned, friends, for the big launch of the next Medusa's Muse book, What You Need to Know to Be a Pro; The Start-up Business Guide for Publishers, written by me, Terena Scott.

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