Saturday, January 03, 2009

The MacBook Air has arrived!

Right now, I am updating this blog using my brand new MacBook Air, a Christmas gift from my hubby. It arrived yesterday. What's a Macbook Air you ask? Click the link to see how ultra thin, ultra fast, and ultra sexy it is.

I swear, it is so light sitting here on my lap if I fart I might blow it right off and onto the floor. It is lighter than the book "Goodnight Moon." It's like typing on a couple of loaded down paper plates. But the screen is large, the resolution excellent, and the keyboard the right size for typing. Plus, this baby zips! I can zoom around the internet like I'm wearing a jet pack. I click a link and SHAZAM, I'm there!

This is a big improvement over my old laptop, an orange clam shell bought in 1998. Over ten years it has served me well, providing me the tools I needed to write two novels, several plays, and start a publishing company. But in the last two years I've felt the clunk of old software. Surfing the net became a chore, a real problem since Medusa's Muse is primarily an internet based business. Eventually, my orange clam shell became a typewriter and I used the PC in the living room for my work.

Although the clam shell is now replaced by a new, fresh, and superior tool, I am attached to that old orange oddity. Rick wanted to donate it or strip it down for parts but I said I wasn't ready. It's like sending an old horse out to pasture. You know it's time, but you're going to miss the old gal.

I'm excited to get back to work with my new tool. The first book I'll be editing on this lap book is the Punk Rock Anthology, Punk Rock Saved My Ass, debuting this summer.

After many weeks of holiday festivities and family time, I'm ready to get to work.

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