Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Laura's Book Inspired Me to Become an Orientation and Mobility Specialist

I'm posting this cartoon in honor of me starting the Orientation and Mobility Program at San Francisco State University last night. I checked all the boxes as true except for the one about having my imagination crushed. Nope, not gonna happen. But being a professor's slave sounds cool.

What is Orientation and Mobility? Read the book I published, "Traveling Blind: Life Lessons from Unlikely Teachers," by Laura Fogg, for an in depth view of her training and the work itself. Helping to create her book and attending the CAOMS conference inspired me to go back to school and learn to do what Laura does. Of course I'll still keep Medusa's Muse alive while working, and this way, I'll have a job that pays well, is beneficial and helpful to others, and will balance out the hundreds of solitary hours I spend staring at computer screens and manuscripts.

Gotta go. I have a ton of homework to do!

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janemac said...

Look! A colon! Woo-Hoo!! [big grin]

Congratulations on starting school. I'm so happy for and proud of you. A new opening toward a wider and differently filled life, while still retaining all that is precious.


ps. proud of you for the colon, too.

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