Monday, April 21, 2008

New Medusa Writer Revealed!

You waited all weekend on pins-and-needles, eagerly checking the blog, disappointed to see no new post, hungry to learn who is the NEW WRITER!!!! (I can pretend there are people out there whose entire lives revolve around what I write in my blog, can't I?). As promised, the name of the new, fabulous, extremely talented and brilliant writer, will be revealed today. Yes, TODAY! Can you stand the suspense any longer?

Her name is.....

Tamarian Graffham!

Yes, the writer of the funny and very popular blog, Tales From The Den Of Chaos, is the new Medusa's Muse author. Her book, which shows how she managed to escape crushing debt and save her family from financial ruin, is scheduled for release late Fall, 2008. The title is to be determined, but the tone and style will be in the voice you've grown to love from her blog, full of the same humor and helpful tips.

If you can't wait to read the book, go to the Den of Chaos to read her blog. And if you are already a long time reader and begin to feel frustrated that her posts are less frequent, remember she is busy finishing her novel. Send her little notes of encouragement. And check back here for updates on the book's production.

Well, now that the secrets been revealed, you can all go back to your daily lives, comforted by the fact that Medusa's Muse is alive and well and a new book is in the works (because I'm sure my readers have nothing more to worry about than Medusa).


janemac said...

Hooray! The contract's signed!

Amy Lane said...

Huzzah! So excited for Tama!