Sunday, December 02, 2007


Right now we have two projects in development at Medusa's Muse Press; an anthology of transformative Punk Rock tales, and a novel about the power of friendship over death. Both compelling and exciting to work on. But which one should launch first? I guess the real question is, can I devote energy to both, AND keep the momentum of Laura's book going? Or should I focus more on one project at a time? Since I'm still learning how to run the press as a small business, there are a lot of reasons to keep the pace slow and manageable. I'm only now getting the hang of inventory control with just one book! Can I keep track of two, or even three different books in different stages of development?

My Muse says, "Go for it!" She believes in my ability to juggle multiple tasks while still being Mommy and working another job. And I'm sure she's right... but... I'm not so sure I want the aggravation. I'd like less stress in my life, not more.

Now is the time to create a Strategy which maps out what my plan is for Medusa's Muse over the next 2-5 years. Taking into account budget, credit, possible profits and known expenditures, projects, marketing, and the time I and the designer and editor can actually put into a manuscript. There are only so many hours in a day and if we all burn out early in this game Medusa's Muse will drop dead in three years. I want this press to last for thirty years!

I'll sit down and look at numbers and possibilities, but I admit I'm leaning toward focusing on the punk rock book and putting off the novel till winter, 2008, if not longer. I don't want to do so much that the books suffer. Each book is a treasure that requires devotion and energy to help it bloom. Putting out books simply to fill up the Medusa catalogue isn't a good way to run a press.

My Muse calls me a coward. Maybe I am. But I think my Muse is too eager for the contact high of another book launch.

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I know I've complimented your Muse on her go-get-er attitude before, but I feel as if I must add my two cents (or in this case it may be "two sense").

Don't do two books at once. Listen to your head on this one. Just my opinion, but from reading about your life I get the feeling that you do not need to throw another ball into the air at this point. You didn't even ask, but I guess that's the danger of blogging...unsolicited opinions.

By the way...I have to confess that my MO is to jump in full speed ahead with each and every project that comes to mind, too. I love the rush that comes from trying to stay one step ahead, from being admired for being so productive, from being such an expert juggler.

The thing is, I almost always end up dropping a ball. And when you're juggling, and you drop a ball, it's not usually just one.

Do what you know is best, darlin'.