Friday, June 01, 2007

We Have A Web-Site!

My boy stayed up late to get the web site up in time for LitFest, and here it is:

It feels like a grand opening, like this is our storefront, complete with fire crackers to ward off evil spirits. There are still a few more boxes to unpack, a few more bits of decoration to add, but the door is open and the word is out.

My muse is pleased.

And just in time. LitFest is tomorrow and I will be a speaker on the publishing panel.

I'm a bit nervous. What do I really know about publishing, other than it is a ton of work and if you're not passionate about that work you should let someone else do it? But I'll write more about LitFest in another post. For now, tonight, I am enjoying staring at Medusa's image from my very own website. Thank you, Rick.

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Rick said...

your welcome my love