Friday, October 13, 2006

After the panic

We finished the play and it's not bad. Could use more polish and I hate the end, but overall it's a good start and I get to turn something in to my class. But as I was writing, I had a one of those frightening thoughts that make your skin tighten and tingle.

I hit "print." My muse, who was leaning over my shoulder to watch, smiled, stood up tall and stretched lazily with his arms over his head. I kept staring at my lap top screen, feeling colder by the second.

"What happened to the snakes?"

He slowly stepped beside me and leaned against the desk to see my face. "Snakes?"

"The ones that were in your hair?"

My muse nodded while he stared at the screen. One finger tapped the desk top. Then silence. I waited.

"They're in your room," he said.


Anonymous said...
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Mother of Chaos said...

Oh gads. You got spammed. Bastards.

This is where blogger has their instructions for word verification - keep the spammers from doing this kind of crap. "Hey,nice blog!!!"

Right. I'm sure your computer thought it was fab-oo. }:^[